Just throw it all in the air and see what stick

It turns out they were right! Parenthood does change everything! Dylan’s just nine months old now (aw!!) and I’m still getting my head around the fact that something so tiny can have such a huge impact on… well everything! But especially work… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but becoming a mum has made me…


Launch legals for your online business

One of my very favourite parts of creating content for my members only site was interviewing amazing experts for my Get It masterclasses – who doesn’t love a nice chat with an interesting person?   Throughout the series I talked to inspiring women from all different fields, and gathered up as much information as I…


4 ways to give your website a face lift

When the bulk of your work lives online, it’s easy to lose a fair bit of time clicking around random websites. I know I do it myself. Sssh! It’s allowed. It’s “research”. I’ll click on a useful looking article in my newsfeed, read it, then click on That Other Great Thing it’s linking to, and…


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